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Raised me here,
I learned how to walk
To see what was not
To reason girl of the thought.

Then one day came or I learned
to respect deaths; not those which destroyed
because that is forgotten. Those which created, all these thoughts
who allowed my world to exist;

All those which have
Imposed died since length
Time, because the memory drives out cruelty
To release itself some.

Died the royalists who dictated,
Died the capitalists who ordered,
Died the Socialists who imposed,
Died the anarchists who destroyed

Immortal thoughts, of the servants of ideas,
Wills and beliefs in humanity
Are present forever
In our hearts and our thoughts.


The step leaves the place to the thought
To open the gilded window to you
Of a light whiter than the flash.
And you evaporates in the airs,

Thus floating here you is apparent
And no one ignores you, because radiant cloud,
You are in their zenith,
in their bloods, they t'en give the merit.

The infinite one exceeded,
Absolute you are
Palates, mountain erode and are exhausted
carrying their myths

God divides you the idea
And a beautiful friendship
To trust of being able to accompany you
on this shared thought.


Never dictate,
you would kill your eternity.
That your breath proposes and divides
Thus you for eternity wise will be.

Includes/understands which will want, includes/understands which will be able.
One evening, I met my ancestors. On the island of my origin, at the wheel of a car, tired, I fell asleep, to awake me
in my lit.à a few hundred kilometers, to go fixed. But this is not the significant one, the significant one is discussed it. My
ancestors appeared to me in a soft round, and each one carried out its mission. The first contact was present to indicate to me
benevolence, then came time from education. Thus they asked me to join the horizon, thing which I tried to make,
but very quickly I realized that I turned in round. The horizon is always far and this concept belongs to a system which
car-maintenance. The second lesson was purer and held more of the shiver than words. Not, the shiver of fear, but the shiver of with
this heat which heats you more than the bones, which heat you by alleviating you the spirit. They said "You to me life, you thinks and
rise in you this faith, this belief which tears off you with the laws, in heavinesses of a misery. Your will creates, these moments of life and so much
better if they are divided for better accelerating. The dawn is of each moment, the light attracts us and dazzled us, no eyelid
cannot protect you from this life of flights. Your shouts is your life, do not lose your voice, on what is not. Your pain is our
pain, your joy is our joy, without us you does not exist, remains with us "These immortal in front of the eyes, invited me to join them.
Thing which I made. Thus the third lesson was approached, certain calls it the respect, but this one was presented to me just like one
average material which made it possible to my people to last. The third lesson relates to protection of the good and the people, and with this intention
to keep the tradition which makes it possible to produce what to eat and moves away the destroying foreigners who could build houses on
the roads of the shepherds, or moves away from the people who say themselves to your service and under this pretext come to impose their wills to you. They
explained me that Corsican being a small island by the size, large by the reason, we do not have the means of being taken for idiots.
The fourth lesson started thus, a person arised. She radiated clearness, which at the beginning made that I had not noticed
that it was vêtue let us haillons. Let us haillons which did not even hide its decency. It says to me, I died for you. Continental drove out me
of my grounds, grounds of my ancestors, of your grounds, under pretext of money, and when I wanted to rebel, it sent them to me
gendarmes who tracked me during several days like an animal. Blésés, losing my blood, they flushed out me and completed without holding
count my complaints. I died in a ditch, surrounded by horse guards. Also, never lets themselves make, defends your right and your
reason. Keep the proud head, does not admit any false reason, no one cannot touch your people. Another person came, and says to me, I died
for you, I went to bets to make the revolution so that no Corsican does not undergo the insult of an order against the interest of his people or
of an insult. The insult of is tried to make believe that there is some thing of superior to our traditions, our eternity, with
our belief as a God, with our faith towards the famille.Un priest appeared to me, and says to me I died for you. I died of hunger,
I was with the service of the village, a bad person presenting itself as my superior wanted that I impose on the church, I refused,
then I was distant on the continent or I died. I died for you, because I kept the pure religion to you. Another
nobody appeared and says to me, I died for you, you know the steps which go from the village until the beach, I made a part and that of it
the life cost me. Another appeared person, and says to me, I died for you, one day, a fada it is presented with much metal, and has
known as I go directed you because I am rich of money thus higher, I drove out it, that cost me the life. But the village remained directed
by men with our service, all that so that you can be you. So on it was a procession which taken almost all the night. And with
the end a question was posed to me: And, is you ready for you to die for us? I answered yes. I am ready to die for you, for me,
for us, because the day or I will fail, I will not be any more and will lose by same eternity. I answered yes, I will drive out that which
impose its will. I answered yes, I will isolate, that which is believed higher. I answered yes, rather death that to let make one
crime against the body or the thought of my people. The fifth lesson was a veil, an awakening of new
state in which I was. A new question was asked to me, or rather it was an assertion. It was tell to me "you cannot more
to fall "Over the moment, I did not include/understand. At this point in time appeared humanity, its joys, its happinesses, its sizes, its lives to me, my
lives, was to us one, and one was us. Us and its laws which carry the means to the extase. Arc in sky of the nuances fills the sky of your
frequencies, marrying the harmony of the thoughts. It is not balance, it is not the medium between two limits, it is attraction, it
center, the heart of comet, which carries out the life. A soft will which coats to you and retains you, distant from all the chasms, its
only presence justifies its existence. The words are to be invented to describe the state, but still it is to know to slip without clash, to push
thoughts which engage happiness, knowledge to create without destroying, knowing to build without just rectifying to consolidate good with dimensions. This
law which makes that each moment is a happiness. This law is the action, the action taken with will, will to create, create with
respect, respect of what is, is it is us, we grow itself, to grow it is the action without destroying. The fifth lesson was
the introduction of the sixth. This sixth which describes the world. This sixth lesson made up of the five universal laws, plain matter and
thoughts, but the continuation another day the sixth lesson: They told me the reason is guide of all things, the directions us
mislead the reason carries out us. The matter appears to us through the reason, keeps the opened reason, not to deceive you. Develop your
ideas in the sense that we will indicate to you, but never forgets to listen to with benevolence the other methods presented, because no one
do not know if not that it does not know anything. The idea first by the instinct of is capitalized, it is a right, but is quickly replaced by
research of eternity, a stronger right and which always appears even if it is denounced. Moreover it is denounced when it is badly
applied. Also always the basic one analyzes towards flown away, because we will retain only what it is high. Start by having a glance in
report/ratio with your personal interests, makes it tower of the question in all the forms and means which are. Once this fact takes it again
reasoning compared to your family, and analyzes again, guard in preciously the conclusions. Still returns to the reason and analyzes with
new compared to your village, your eternity grows. That is not enough yet, analyzes compared to your humanity, you will tend towards
eternity without cruelty. Do not fall into misery to believe that there is only one form of thoughts, you would come from there to forget what you are,
lost in a prison of erroneous convictions. You would close a multitude of means which allow you to exist, you would be only one
object, a robot with the planned spot. Avoid the people with the key ideas, which analyze all with only one way of thinking, they are them
pauper of our company. They manage from there to forget that they are men and marginalisent all that is apart from their prisons.
softness is our force, child of the reason, without imposing you close listening to here the universal laws. They told me several laws govern
as well the thought as the matter. First the idea, which more it is observed, plus it introduces you is numerous, thus the idea
attract the ideas, as the stone falls, an attraction which carries out the man, body and thought, allows us the flights. The man attracts the man,
the ideas attract the ideas, here the beginning of our company. Even the planets, show us the example with firmament. They me
said the second law is the miracle, the miracle of the life, because the phenomenon creates, maintains and accelerates a new phenomenon, like the step
on the river, like infinite swirl at the speed, our thought creates, maintains and accelerates new thoughts ad infinitum, applied to our company, do not see you is blown, wind which carries you beyond that, we are always there. The third law allows the recognition and thus the reasoning, they told me each thing is analysable only compared to itself, I said to them, that that that I was not possible needed reference marks, even in geometry, and for the curves a fastener like the zero, I need a standard to measure. They asked me to stop playing moron, stopping spitting my conditioning, listening to the proposal and only after, making my judgement. They asked me my age, I answered them thirty and one year, they asked me how I lived this particular age, I answered well, and they said to me that my age is well, and it is always well because we measure our age using the age of the moment, thus ten years is measured by a ten year old child. It told me your time is individual, but you can perceive it differently, it is the characteristic of the time of the moment, but time can be also collective, it is the time of the appointments, it is time social. They said to me, now if you included/understood these two times well that one should not mix, we will indicate the secrecy of happiness to you. I answered, it is already make, you gave me eternity, they said to me that to want it is not to be able, I answered, I am, we are, they said to me then since we are, does not let to us be with half, I have say how? They said to me, the third time it is the time of infinite, it is the time of the event, each beginning of experiment leaves ad infinitum, did you forget your thunderbolt? your first school re-entry? your first go? before balance each event starts ad infinitum, and can start again of them some which are more advantageous to you, as with your family. The fourth law, was presented to me thus, some is the way which your matter or your thoughts borrows, if your force leads you to the end, you will arrive at the same point, therefore does not forget that significant it is the manner, your control, your attitude, your behavior which imports, knows remained worthy and proud, never not to carry twists with others, all that avoids is cruel, does not attack any obstacle that the chance will have provides to you. Sees the interferences, light or matter which you name x-rays, is always found at the same point, see the writings of the philosopher on the finished subjects, are always at the same point, the difference resides on what you will do. The fifth law will help you, because second law any kind of thing or thoughts is created, does not forget that these new things, do not answer the laws of the objects which created them. As your thought associates words the months particular, the sentences have new laws, and the laws of the words are out-of-date; in the same way laws dregs the matter grain, and it is the attraction of the ground which creates gravity drawing aside the old laws of the matter, still the sounds have their laws, but associated the melody appears with new laws as the harmony and the rate/rhythm, as know you as the laws of your thoughts particular, are not there for eternity, works to join us to make them advanced towards us and our laws, because we are not that to half, you spent thirty years, we await you does not delay. The song is prettier as a choral society, your heart, our heart awaits your unisons, the church east beat with you to really join us. The last lesson is personal, by respect I will not speak about my religion, Corsican knows it, and practise it. It thus does not have its place in this account.

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