mardi, novembre 09, 2004

Three times.

In ninety three, I had a physical system to analyze. I thus sat down at the edge of water and I observed. What I saw and measured was astonishing, and in particular, which relates to time. I saw that the matter attracts the matter, and if this one has a direction, the attracted matter will take the same direction, to some extent it was the same principle which wants to think of happy acts attracts happiness. I continued the observation and I saw the swirls were formed with the feet of the sluice valves, I saw that a phenomenon, (with the particular laws) could involve another phenomenon much more powerful (governs by new laws) a little as in a water pan, Si made to you turn the object by accompanying it, therefore while imposing, this one will go at the speed of your handle, but if you give some small impulses, it will create for itself a swirl a speed tending towards the infinite one. It is still the same principle used by Homère to teach the matter and Saint Exupéry, the spirit. They do not dictate, it propose ideas which accelerate the spirit, this stimulated spirit of small implulsions, creates many other ideas much more powerful, particular to each one. You know in summer, one likes yourselves at the edge of water, also I continued the observation, and I found the key which enabled me to analyze this channel, thing that nobody had stated to know to make. What I observed, it is that: each thing is analyzed only compared to itself, thus the lines of the fluids have their own lives, in fact these principles physical were analysable only compared to themselves in an exponential way. I could only lean me on my perception; over the time of the event, we were still in the first days of my training course, however the first contacts were taken, I had posed to my marks, thus I recognized the time of the event, the time which makes that each new experiment tends towards the infinite one. The concept was not long in developing, and revealed an individual time which was particular for me, in connection with my age, id for these young secretaries or this benevolent manager. Social time, this common time which marks the appointment was present like ogre, but the physical systems erased it while smiling, making the stop watch ubuesque from its operation. I had carried out the objective, then I continued to observe, and I saw that the some either way traversed by water, it always arose by the same sluice valves, like the light during the lesson on the interference, or like x-rays, thus the some or way traversed, the thoughts of the large philosophers are found at the same point, the difference is the manner, the borrowed way. This history of time seems to me extraordinary of share the many applications, then I still offer myself a little observations, and I refine the second principle in a new principle separating the laws from operation, the laws of globality being completely different and independent of the laws of the characteristics which one crééent. The fifth law is the part placed between bracket in the second law.

Five minutes of laughing for an adult, last an eternity for a child.

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