lundi, octobre 09, 2006


By definitions mathematics are the modeling of the concepts.
Since the current approach does not enable us to write the majority of
phenomena observed (reaction in biology, or numbers integration
largely exceeding the fingers of a hand) we do not have any more but with
to take again our mathematical concepts and to seek the faults.
Accordingly, we notice that the choice in the manner of
to measure time corresponds of nothing to the forms variations, therefore
that we do not use the good tool. Always in the same one
step, we notice that a French mathematician with put at
not in the years 1700, a system which enables us to identify
the shape of the curves.
This is why I think that we have interest with
to create a méta-mathematics, using the advantages of the concepts
above mentioned.
That that I propose use in first level the arithmetic concept
who will use to us to identify the value representing the quantity
of origin, and the value representing the measured quantity of the end.
This way, we get rid of the current concepts which does not measure
that quantities.
The force of this méta-mathematics is to observe and represent
variation according to the forms of the variation identified by
Laplace, this is the second logical level of this
méta-mathematics. In other words the action consists with all
to bring back to a variation enters the origin and value 1, factor of one
value K, representing the quantity of variations.
The third level of this méta-mathematics, is the assembly of
functions. This assembly will depend it to it manner which gathers them
interactions, and of the form of the function which gives birth to

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